Our Team

Joel Percy

Fields Operation Manager
Joel Percy has over 15 years in the concrete industry. Joel graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s. Joel is our fields operation manager skilled in labor, material, and quality control management. He is heavily involved in job construction planning and managing the crews throughout job completion.

Joel is a Certified General Contractor CGC1523363.

772-577-1449. Joel@integcrete.com

Justin Drawdy

Operations Manager
Justin Drawdy has over 17 years in the concrete industry. Justin graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Building Construction. Justin is a results oriented operations manager with extensive experience in organization administration, resource management, and contract negotiations.

772-216-4412. Justin@integcrete.com

Becca Percy

Comptroller and Safety Manager
Becca Percy is our comptroller and safety manager. Becca specialized in construction safety and management for over 14 years and received a dual certificate from Georgia Tech OTI in construction and general industry.

772-579-3845. Becca@integcrete.com

Our Location


10550 W Midway Road,

Fort Pierce, FL 34945

Fax. 772-252-5285

Email. becca@integcrete.com

For all field related questions and employment opportunities, please contact Joel Percy 772-577-1449 or Joel@integcrete.com

For all bidding inquires, contract information, and pricing, please contact Justin Drawdy 772-216-4412 or Justin@integcrete.com.

For all safety related issues, payroll, and accounts payable, please contact Becca Percy 772-579-3845 or Becca@integcrete.com.

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