Integ-Crete mission is to build strong long lasting relationships with our contractors and partners by exceeding their expectations with extraordinary results and gaining their trust by providing exceptional projects

A Team You Can Trust

* We thrive on Biblical Principles

* Core values of our Company are our Cornerstone

* Responsiveness

* Flexibility

* Open Communication

* Create Strong lifelong relationships with our employees

* We want to be part of the Bigger Picture


Specializing in large government civil concrete structures and construction. Joel Percy and Justin Drawdy have over 16 years experience with concrete.

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10550 W Midway Road,

Fort Pierce, FL 34945

Fax. 772-252-5285

Email. becca@integcrete.com

For all field related questions and employment opportunities, please contact Joel Percy 772-577-1449 or Joel@integcrete.com

For all bidding inquires, contract information, and pricing, please contact Justin Drawdy 772-216-4412 or Justin@integcrete.com.

For all safety related issues, payroll, and accounts payable, please contact Becca Percy 772-579-3845 or Becca@integcrete.com.

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