About Us

Our Mission

Integ-Crete's mission is to build strong long lasting relationships with our contractors and partners by exceeding their expectations with extraordinary results and gaining their trust by providing exceptional projects

Our Vision

We aspire to be recognized as the leading concrete sub-contractor and employer of choice

Core Values
  • INTEGRITY- We let our “YES” be “YES” and our “NO” be “NO


  • EXCELLENCE – Deliver UNPARALLELED, HIGH quality workmanship and service

  • RESPECT – Employees work HARD to earn business partners TRUST and RESPECT on EVERY project they undertake

  • We thrive on BIBLICAL Principles

  • Core values of our COMPANY are our CORNERSTONE

  • Responsiveness

  • Flexibility

  • OPEN Communication

  • Create STRONG lifelong relationships with our employees

  • We want to be part of the BIGGER Picture

Guiding Principles
  • SAFETY – There is NO pour, schedule, or budget that will TRUMP safety.

  • PEOPLE – We INSPIRE each other to reach their goals; creating CHALLENGING development opportunities, and REWARDING careers

  • CULTURE – We are proud of WHAT we do and HOW we do it – and we ENJOY doing it!

  • RELATIONSHIPS – We care about building, LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIPS with our clients, suppliers, and colleagues that are built on TRUST, RESPECT, and COLLABORATION.

Code of Ethics
  • There is NO gain or benefit that justifies unethical conduct

  • Ethical behavior is MORE than words on paper

  • TOTAL commitment from every employee

  • We are built on well deserved reputation for INTEGRITY and HONESTY

Our Location


10550 W Midway Road,

Fort Pierce, FL 34945

Fax. 772-252-5285

Email. becca@integcrete.com

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